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Trauma-Informed Certified Coach

Certified SHE RECOVERS® Coach

Mother Hunger® Trained Facilitator

  Cybele Botran

Cybele’s coaching practice empowers women to look inside and connect with their most tender, truest selves. She works with sober-curious and sober women who want to overcome codependency, enmeshment, perfectionism, and people-pleasing. She helps women build better boundaries, work through shame and guilt from past behaviors, and rediscover their inner children (inner child and inner teen). She is a SHE RECOVERS® Coach and Mother Hunger® Trained Facilitator with a Master's Degree in Education and over 40 years of teaching experience. She coaches women individually, offers online classes, courses, and workshops, and leads REPARENT, a unique group coaching experience. Going alcohol-free in 2011 was the start of her inner healing journey. She trained with Kelly McDaniel to become a Mother Hunger Trained Facilitator. Her work aligns with the SHE RECOVERS® intentions and guiding principles. The proud mother of three adult children, she lives in Miami, Florida, with her husband of 31+ years.


My Education

Training and Credentials

2023 Trauma-Informed Coach Certificate Training

Trauma-Informed Certificate for Coaches from The Centre for Healing

2023 Mother Hunger® Facilitator Training

Mother Hunger Level 2 Facilitator Training for clinicians or coaches to offer Mother Hunger Groups or Workshops. Designed and led by Kelly McDaniel, LPC, NCC. 

2020-2022 ACC (Level 1) and PCC (Level 2) Holistic Coach Certification Program

The Holistic Coach Training Institute an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited program. Comprehensive coach-specific certification program preparation for ICF ACC and PCC taught by Instructor Beverly Sartain. Comprehensive Holistic Coach Continuing Education Program for professional-level coaching skills updated ICF core competency model and coaching supervision around real-life coaching experiences.

2020 SHE RECOVERS® Coach

SHE RECOVERS®  FoundationSHE RECOVERS® Coach Designation program. SHE RECOVERS® Foundation's purpose is to connect, support and empower women in or to seek recovery. It is a non-profit public charity with a growing community of over 325,000 women in or seeking recovery from substance use disorders, other behavioral health issues, and/or life challenges.

2020 CPRC Dual Program

The International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC) Certified Professional Coach Training (CPC/ Life Coaching) and Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) Program with a Specialty in Addiction Recovery.100 hours of training toward a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Professional Recovery Coach.

1992 Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

The University of California, Los Angeles

Symposiums & Conferences

2023 SHE RECOVERS Symposium for Healing Professionals, Chicago, Illinois

2022 Global Exchange Conference Addiction, Wellness, Mental Health, Leadership, Orlando, Florida

2022 SHE RECOVERS Symposium for Healing Professionals, Miami, Florida 

Continuing Education and Workshops

Anna Lembke - Standford Professor of Psychiatry and Researcher, Author of Dopamine Nation (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Deb Dana - LCSW specialized in complex trauma and Polyvagal Theory (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Devin Young - Author, Speaker, and Founder of Black Therapists Rock (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Ester Nicholson - Author, Teacher, Speaker, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator (Finding Forgiveness Workshop, She Recovers LA Conference, 2018)

Gabor Maté - expert on addiction, trauma, stress, illness, and childhood development (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Glennon Doyle - Author, activist, podcaster, feminist, philanthropist and Abby Wambach - Olympic gold medalist, author, activist, feminist, podcaster (Find Your Truest Life Weekend Workshop, Omega Institute, 2018)

Laura Mckowen - author, podcaster, and inspirational sobriety expert (Kripalu 2019 The Bigger Yes - Finding Your Soul’s Deepest Callings, 7.5 hours, The Art of Living 2023, Push Off from Here)

Richard Schwartz - Harvard Psychiatry Faculty and Creator of Internal Family Systems (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Shari Hampton - Certified Life & Recovery Coach, Consultant, Found of Served up Sober (Healing Recovery Spaces - An Anti-Racism Training, 2021)

Stephanie Covington - Author, She Recovers Symposium, Chicago, 2023

Stephen Porges - Creator of Polyvagal Theory (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Tara Brach - meditation teacher, psychologist, teacher, and author (Kripalu 2019 Radical Acceptance: Healing and Freeing our Hearts, 10 CE Credits)

FUN FACTS about me

I met my husband in Sevilla, Spain; we have been married for over 30 years
For our 25th wedding anniversary, we hiked El Camino de Santiago with our kids
I homeschooled my three kids through high school

Our 3 children were born at home (2 water births)
I backpacked solo through South America for seven months when I was 24 years old
I am passionate about mental health and trauma recovery
I am a fierce feminist (FTP) and grew up in the 1970s reading MS. magazine
I like fairies, true crime podcasts, and the colors green and purple
My favorite Friday night ritual is making homemade pizza with my husband and watching movies together

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