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Little Cybele circa 1974

Do you ever wonder where the little girl inside you has gone?

If you are overwhelmed, it seems like no one listens (really listens) to you, you have a million things to do, and you believe you have to do it perfectly and with a smile, you feel guilt and shame about past behaviors, and sometimes, you feel a deep longing inside, dreaming of another world where you feel heard, safe, and seen, I want you to know that I understand. I truly do.

I imagine you're searching for relief: a glimmer of hope, a sense of serenity, and way to heal


Maybe you haven't connected with your inner child, but you're curious.


Perhaps you're seeking self-compassion, self-love, and self-forgiveness, but it feels impossible. You would love to feel connected—with those you cherish and, most importantly, with yourself. You're hoping to find a new way to be with yourself.

Let me introduce you to the gentle practice of reparenting — a method of self-care that beautifully nurtures the tender parts within you. Reparenting allows you to attune with your inner self and provide the protection, and guidance you have yearned for.


Hello. I'm Cybele, and I support women who want to reparent themselves.

I'm a SHE RECOVERS® Coach and

Mother Hunger® Trained Facilitator

I love witnessing the incredible transformations that unfold when women reconnect with their most vulnerable, authentic selves. This deep love for personal growth and healing inspired me to create REPARENT—an extraordinary group coaching experience like no other. 


Become the parent you always needed

Join a small group of peers dedicated to healing by letting go of old misunderstandings. Together we will embrace new ways of thinking and being with ourselves. We will explore tend to our need for safety, love, and belonging to achieve next-level emotional freedom.


By joining REPARENT, you will learn how to be at peace with the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future. You will practice nurturing, protecting, and guiding your most tender self. You'll practice regulating your nervous system,  integrating a new and more compassionate way of being with yourself, and embodying love, safety, and belonging.

Let's do this. Together.

R.E.P.A.R.E.N.T. includes

  • 10 weeks of group coaching focused on reparenting

  • A weekly 90-minute group coaching session

  • A REPARENT Journal designed for the group coaching experience

  • Topic-focused journaling and coaching during live sessions 

  • A recording of the teachings in case you have to miss a session

  • A private Facebook group

  • One 1:1 coaching session to support your reparenting 


You know, deep inside, your life could truly be better.

If your heart is saying YES and you want to feel the love you deserve, you're exactly where you need to be.

  1. What if I've never done inner child work? No problem! This is a gentle introduction to reparenting.

  2. Will we be doing deep trauma work?  I understand that past trauma shows up in our current experiences. It is important to get support around trauma from a licensed professional. If feelings about the past surface, as a certified coach, I will use coaching strategies to partner with you to explore how you want to move forward.

  3. What is reparenting? Reparenting is a beautiful method of recovery where you practice deeply listening inside and giving your most tender self what she needs.

  4. Who is REPARENT for? The group coaching experience is open to all women (trans and cis) and nonbinary people who identify with women's communities.

  5. Do I have to be sober to join? It is not required to be alcohol or substance-free; however, for the group's safety, I ask that you don't show up to the group intoxicated.

  6. Do I have to share? Talking and sharing are 100% up to you.

  7. Will all sessions be recorded?  A recording of the content of the course (the teachings) will be available if you miss a session. The group coaching sessions will not be recorded to preserve the intimacy of the group.

  8. What if I have to miss a week? No problem - I'll send you a recording of the content from that week.

  9. How big is the group? The power and intention of group coaching is to stay small so that everyone feels seen and supported. Group size won't exceed 10.

  10. How do I sign up for my 1:1 coaching with you? The price of REPARENT includes one individual hour with me. I will provide information during the first week so that everyone can sign up for their 1:1 coaching with me.

  11. Do you offer a payment plan? Yes, you can either pay in full or in 3 monthly installments.

  12. Will there be a lot of homework? How much time outside of the group coaching sessions will this take me? I don't assign homework - I suggest "homeplay" which is an integration process, such as: notice your thoughts this week, etc.

  13. How do you pronounce your name? Cybele is pronounced SUH-Bell; it rhymes with Miguel.

  14. What are your qualifications? My experience is listed on my about page.

  15. Are you a SHE RECOVERS® Coach? Yes, I am trained in and my work aligns with the SHE RECOVERS® Intentions & Guiding Principles.


Weekly Themes

Week One - Begin

Week Two - Reparent

Week Three - Ease

Week Four - Protect

Week Five - Align

Week Six - Reimagine 

Week Seven - Embody

Week Eight - Nurture 

Week Nine - Trust 

Week Ten - Bridging the Past & Future

"Before joining REPARENT, I struggled to like my inner child. And she didn't want anything to do with me - she generally wanted to be left alone and be invisible to everyone. Now, I can talk to my inner child.  I'm making progress. I was a little afraid to join because it was a big commitment. I was also afraid that no one would like me. Because of REPARENT, I feel like I'm getting closer to sobriety. My self-esteem has also gone up a little. I'd strongly recommend the class. It's really helpful to have a supportive community of women, and I benefited from the group coaching. It was helpful to hear other women share their fears and concerns. Coming from a home where we didn't discuss emotions and feelings, it was nice to have a space where I could cry and see that other women had similar experiences."

- Rachel B., REPARENT Alumni

Praise for REPARENT

You are not alone on this journey.
Let's walk it together as you rediscover the innate beauty within. Welcome to a community where healing is possible.
Welcome to Reparenting.

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