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Monthly Class

The REPARENT Monthly Class is for YOU if you have gone through my REPARENT program.

What: Practice reparenting yourself throughout the year.
How: Sign up for 12 monthly reparenting classes.
Price: pay in full $225

Monthly Themes:


Emotional triggers

  • Understanding emotional triggers 

  • Noticing emotional responses

  • Strategies for healthy emotional regulation



  • The need for self-nurturing

  • Understanding blame

  • Moving from blame to self-nurturing


Self-regulation techniques

  • Noticing the nervous system 

  • Why to self-regulate

  • How to self-regulate



  • The power of self-compassion in reparenting

  • Guide a short meditation on self-compassion

  • Write a self-compassion affirmation



  • What is the word-of-the-year?

  • How WOTY supports a reparenting practice

  • Brainstorming your WOTY



  • Reparenting and boundaries 

  • How to know if you need to set a boundary

  • Brainstorm healthy boundary language



  • What do you like?

  • Connect with your intuition

  • List activities to express yourself


Inner Safety 

  • What is a safe inner space?

  • The importance of a safe inner space

  • Personalize your inner safe space



  • The role of self-forgiveness in reparenting

  • Self-forgiveness exercise

  • Gentle commitment to self-forgiveness



  • Confidence and self-trust

  • Affirmations and practices for self-trust

  • Reflect on challenges you have overcome and decisions that turned out well



  • Self-love by reparenting

  • Guide participants through self-love affirmations

  • Share practical ways to cultivate self-love in daily life



  • Importance of intuition 

  • Trusting your gut feelings and instincts is self-care

  • Instances where you trusted your instincts and it led to positive outcomes

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