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Brave Boundaries

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Does this sound familiar?

  • you complain about other's behavior without talking to them directly

  • you keep silent or blow up 

  • other people's behavior feels personal

  • you feel like others don't listen to you

  • you feel disrespected

  • you're repeatedly annoyed with a specific situation or behavior

  • you allow poor behavior at the expense of your own well-being

  • you feel angry because you've spoken up and nothing has changed

You should join this workshop if you want to:

  • learn how to set healthy boundaries with kindness and ease

  • live your life in a more connected, meaningful way

  • join other folks who identify with women's communities who are seeking personal development

  • let go of the idea that there is something wrong with you

  • shed shame and guilt from past behaviors

  • drop the idea that you have to do everything right

  • improve self-awareness and self-knowledge

  • learn how to listen and be listened to

  • transform your inner-critic into a loving, supportive voice

  • build a strong identity and self-esteem

  • gain self-confidence and ask for what you want

  • discover your authentic self

  • begin to truly love and accept your beautiful self


You will receive...

A Live Class on Zoom with Group Coaching and Journaling

We will meet for 120 minutes. You'll get a live class and a group coaching session filled with journaling prompts, deep connection, and meaningful insights. Value $125

A Downloadable Workbook

This workshop includes a downloadable Brave Boundaries workbook. Value $25

One Individual Coaching session

This workshop includes a complimentary hour-long individual coaching session where we focus specifically on building your boundary skills. Book separately. Value $100

Content Recordings

The course is recorded and all participants will receive a recording. Value $50

Connection to Self

The workshop's intention is for you to let go of limiting beliefs and connect with what you truly want.

Community Building

Connect with others who also want to build better boundaries.

Total value: $300
Price: $79

Workshop Outline

Noticing Fear

(Scarcity vs Abundance)

Befriending Anger

Listening to What I Need

Setting Boundaries

What Brave Boundaries graduates say:

"If you are feeling overwhelmed by relationships in your life, Brave Boundaries is a nonjudgmental and safe space to open up and ask for help. When I started the course, I was overwhelmed and frustrated, and now I have clarity and tools in my back pocket! Many of the ways I form relationships or boundaries were rooted in protecting my inner child. I learned, through Cybele's discussions, how to pause and reflect on my initial thoughts and reactions. I loved the group setting to discuss how I walk through life and how others approach their challenges. A huge takeaway from the class was learning about fawning as a trauma response. This opened my eyes up to behavior I never knew I was engaging in before. Gaining awareness continues to be a gift." - Erin K.


"During the course, I learned that I CAN cultivate a kind inner voice! I had always heard that others self-soothed, but my inner voice was so cruel. This was the first time in my life I've been able to begin to speak to myself kindly! When I started the course, I struggled with seeking outside assurance, and now I am learning to cultivate a kind inner voice that soothes me. Brave Boundaries is so worth it! Such a beautiful container to learn about boundaries and to treat yourself more gently." - Sarah S.


You deserve to release old stories of unworthiness and awaken to the magnificent joy that lives inside you.

Image by Tim Mossholder
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