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The REPARENT Group Coaching Alumni Experience

The Alumni Group Coaching Experience is for YOU if you have gone through my REPARENT program.


Each month, four 90-minute group coaching calls will be offered. NEW! --> Once a month, there will be a

90-minute Reparenting Class. 


Choose either the group coaching sessions or the monthly class


(All group coaching participants may attend the monthly class)


The days of the week will vary from month to month.


There is a private FACEBOOK page where the monthly schedule is posted, plus an email will be sent out with plenty of time to add the dates to your calendar.

All group coaching sessions and class time: 10-11:30 am pst/1-2:30 est 


What you get:

  • Choose either one monthly class, or two or four group coaching sessions

  • Group coaching - easy monthly payment - you can cancel at any time

  • Monthly classes - 12 classes - pay for the year in full

  • A Private Facebook group

  • Dates/times sent with plenty of time to plan and mark your calendar

  • A variety of dates/times are offered each month

  • Continued support and community




4 sessions (includes monthly reparenting class) $75/month

2 sessions (includes monthly reparenting class) $45/month 

limit: 10 participants total

1 monthly class for 12 months paid in full $300  $225

limit: 14 participants

Reparenting Benefits:
increased in self-awareness, self-compassion, & self-forgiveness
awareness of the inner cri
nurturance of inner child
guidance for inner teen

integration of your "parts"
increased metacognition

(awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes)
access to your own love, protection, and safety
improved relationship with yourself and others 

What group coaching will give you:
a shared learning experience
opportunities for connection
an online community
the knowledge that you're not alone
a sense of belonging

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