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The People-Pleasing & Perfectionism Workshop

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Take this workshop if you:

  • are critical of yourself and others

  • cringe when you feel like you've made a mistake

  • believe you have to do everything right

  • feel like there is something wrong with you

  • feel like others are mad at you

  • are scared others won't like you if they new "the truth"

  • find it hard to say "no" for fear of disappointing others

  • are a high achiever but you struggle with low self-worth

  • have shame and guilt from past behaviors

In this workshop you will:

  • see how people-pleasing & perfectionism are tied to trauma

  • comprehend how people-pleasing & perfectionism are coping mechanisms

  • understand how shame feeds behaviors

  • help your nervous system feel safe

  • transform your inner-critic into a loving, supportive voice

  • live a bigger life with stronger relationships

  • build your self-esteem and gain self-confidence 

  • learn to truly love and accept yourself

What you'll get...


A Live Class on Zoom with Group Coaching and Journaling

We will meet for 120 minutes. You'll get a live class and a group coaching session filled with journaling prompts, deep connection, and meaningful insights. Value $125


A Downloadable Workbook

This workshop includes a downloadable People-Pleasing & Perfectionism workbook. Value $25


One Individual Coaching session

This workshop includes an hour-long individual coaching session where we focus specifically on people-pleasing & perfectionism. Book separately. Value $100


Content Recordings

The course is recorded and all participants will receive a recording. Value $50


Connection to Self

The workshop's intention is for you to let go of limiting beliefs and connect with your authentic self.



The group setting will be a  place to meet others who also want to let go of people-pleasing & perfectionism.

Total value: $300
Price: $79

Workshop Outline

The False Self 

People-Pleasing,  Perfectionism, and Shame


The True Self

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